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How To Tighten Your Vagina, iamfinest

How To Tighten Your Vagina, By iamfinest

Nov 1, 2019 4:16 PM
All you need to do is look around and see vaginal tightening products, from alum to herbs to pearls that people insert into their vagina, just to make it tighter, we seem to be obsessed with tightening our vaginas.
But these methods come with side effects from vaginal infections to pelvic infections and other consequences that may even make it difficult for a woman to give birth later.

In this article, we will discuss natural ways to tighten the vagina after it must have become "slack" as some people put it.
This method I am about to teach you has no side effect, you do not need drugs or need to insert anything into your vagina and it would not cost you anything at all, asides your time.
Also, people wrongly assume that a vagina can become loose and lose the ability to become tight forever, this is not true at all. It is false, holds no truth at all, and is only used by people who want to sell these products.
You should know that the vagina is elastic, What does this mean?
It means that it can stretch to allow a baby, a dildo, a penis, and still go back to its original shape. 
While it is possible for your vagina to change over time, your vagina cannot lose its elasticity and just be slack, forever, this is not true, as a doctor, this is not true. 
Age and Childbirth are two of the major factors that will affect the elasticity of your vagina
and the way they will naturally feel overtime. Contrary to popular opinion, having sex will not affect the elasticity of your vagina at all.

As you age your estrogen levels drop, estrogen is responsible for most of the female functions including periods, so as you age, the vagina becomes:
1. Dry
2. Thin
3. Less elastic
As soon as a woman enters menopause, then it becomes more pronounced.

It also takes a while for the vagina to return to its normal feeling after childbirth, this is also in part to hormones and the process of childbirth also, it is important that you allow time for the vagina to heal
But after having a couple of childbirths, the muscles around the vagina become lax and this may affect how the vagina feels
Do not lose hope, I will teach some vaginal exercises you can use to tighten the vaginal muscles, it is these muscles that you need to work and use in order regain that vaginal tightness that you crave
The name of this exercise is called Kegel exercise and it strengthens the muscles around the vagina, which in turn support the vagina
Pelvic floor exercises can be done to strengthen the muscles around the vagina to help “tighten” the vagina so to speak, these exercises will help support the walls of the vagina.
They are called Kegel exercises.

How do you do the Kegel exercises?

1. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles (imagine you are about to hold in urine or stop urinating, take note of the group of muscles that clench, take not clench your buttocks.
2. Hold the contraction and tighten it for about 5 seconds, relax and repeat.
3. Repeat this about 6 times in a row.
4. Do this often during the day, as soon as you remember.
5. Increase the duration you clench these muscles can hold for as long as 30 seconds as a time.

If you do this up to 5 times in a day, you should start to see results in a few weeks.
In some cases, your doctor may prescribe electrical stimulation of the muscles of your pelvis.
If they still feel loose and lax, please see a doctor, do not insert strange objects into your vagina.

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