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Why did rich and famous people have stanic sign

Kennedy Johnson
Truth teller
20w ago
Because they worship Satan

And/or unknowingly worship Satan because it looks ‘cool’ (especially young celebrities from Disney)
This one of the most common satanic (hand) signs used by celebs. It means 666 and the reason they do the this hand signal in front of their eye has to to with The Eye from New Age belief. It’s their way to communicate with one another and to show they are in it together.
And since we all know how aspiring singers and actors/actresses are puppets and have their personas created by Hollywood, it would be untrue to call them demons themselves. ESAMBLE: it’s producers, photographers and designers who tells them during photo shoots ‘hey! Try posing like this with your hand! That looks cool! ‘
Some celebrities might know what they do, other might not but they are brainwashed to keep this going, to brainwash us, to hide their satanic rituals, real satanic rituals with bathtubs full of animal blood and organs. It’s underground and it’s hidden for the public. Please research yourself and gather knowledge before you jump to conclusions. Be open minded.
Please check out the YouTube channel A Call For An Uprising for more information not just satanic symbolism but also symbolism in music videos and real meanings of song lyrics. Have a nice day and may God bless you and your family
Peter DiVergilio
Observer of Human Nature!
41w ago
There are many signs used by many people to mean many things. Your intertpretation of a gesture as a "Satanic Hand Sign may or may not be correct.If you can give any background information or proof of origin for your interpretation, it would be appreciated. If you could affirm the correctness of your interpretation as to all of the images being shown demonstrating "Satanic Hand Signs", that would be helpful. Many celebreties copy gestures they think are "Cool". Do these images fall into that category? Is there an Index which illustrates hand geastures that will validate your contention?
Please try to proceed in a careful, logical, manner in your search for Enlightenment and truth. Careful research will usually identify symbold that might mean something to a particular group as opposed to random hand, arm, or bodily motions.
I wish you luck in your searching.
Olaf Simons
Researcher on the Illuminati at the Gotha Research Centre
41w ago
You are asking the wrong question. The right question is: Why do I suppose that this is a “satanic sign”?
Where exactly has the convention been built? How widespread is it? Is it a theory among certain people or a clear cut thing which the people depicted would concede?
I’d strongly suspect that it is a counter narrative, an interpretation that is designed to discredit people of your choice.
…but do not worry: it is simply an Eye Trainingexercise from: Earthy Medicine’s Website

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